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Spurs players and officials past and present give an account of 
their most memorable game involving the club.
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Lorraine Ashard
I played as a central defender for the Ladies reserves for about 5 years and I can honestly say I was proud to pull on the shirt. I was bursting with pride when I was made captain and the day we won the Sue Sharples trophy in 1995/96 was among my best as a player. It made the whole team immensely proud after we had lost Sue who collapsed and died while training.

The worse was losing in the final to Arsenal the following year - total heartache.

I played with some great players in my time and am proud to say I played alongside Lucy Pinnock, a naturally gifted player with great potential who was tragically killed in a motorbike accident a while back - I was sure she would go on to play for England one day.


Kay Lovelock

On 19th April 1994 our Ladies team was rocked by the tragic news of the death of our co-founder and Secretary Sue Sharples.  Sue had been involved with the Greater London Women's League for a number of years and it was decided that the cup competition for teams in the lower divisions and reserve teams would be renamed the Sue Sharples Memorial Trophy, a collection was made from friends, colleagues and other clubs and a magnificent trophy not unlike her favourite FA Cup was purchased.

The first final was to be played in May 1995.  It was deemed that Tottenham Hotspur Reserves would reach the final and took on Wembley Mill Hill 3rds at Leyton Pennant FC in Walthamstow.

I had spent a good part of the season out with an injured ankle and really should not have played at all. It was decided that I would play the second half ... luckily as goalkeeper I was a member of the “good, I don’t have to run too much in goal” school of thought.  The score at half time was 0-0 and our first half keeper Tracy Clay had made some good saves, so it was a tough act to follow.  I remember making a couple of saves including a one on one with Rachel Yankey who is now a professional with Fulham and an England international.  I think it was in the last 15 minutes or so when our strikers Julie Maile and Lucy Pinnock scored to give us a 2-0 win.

The elation at the final whistle was immense and I just ran towards the centre circle and the rest of the team, as I got about ¾ of the way I just stopped in my tracks as the enormity of the occasion hit me. I collapsed in heap and cried.  My pride being completed when I was invited to collect the trophy alongside skipper Allyson Browne.


Lorraine Sparrow
Well as I seem to have been at the club so long you would think I would have many a memorable matches!  Well as my memory is so bad I have struggled to remember many of them!  The most recent one would have to be the away fixture to Leyton Orient this season, 3-1 to us I think or was it 3-0 can't remember just know we won, as we were the first team this season to beat them!!! 

My Job was to mark Hazel all through the game, which I did to the best of my ability hence we won!!

Hazel was getting extremely miffed with me and I think Pete too!  Especially when he shouted "Ooh Hazel you've messed your hair up now!"  I don't think that went down too well, but at least Hazel didn't see any of the Ball that game!

My other memorable game would have to be when we played at Rushden and Diamonds ground (lovely pitch).  I felt like a real professional, it's only a shame I can't play like one!


Bobbi Cubberley
My favourite match was the one when we beat Hemel Hempstead 3 -0  to win the league. 

I think we are the best Under-10 team in the whole of England and we always play as a team and no one is better than any one else.

This match is my best for two reasons the first being I scored two goals and the third goal was a own goal from my corner and the second reason was it just goes to prove that if you work together as a team you can achieve anything.

Go Go under 10s ... we are the League Champions this year and hope to be for many years to come. 






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