Kick It Out


Tottenham Hotspur Ladies FC supports the "Kick It Out" campaign and will take part in the promotion of the Week of Action which starts on October 16th and finishes October 28th 2003.

The campaign seeks to rid the game off football of the hatred based on the colour of someone's skin, but Tottenham Hotspur Ladies take this further into discrimination on the grounds of the religion, belief, sexuality or disability of the person.

The community that Tottenham Hotspur is based in, is a multi-cultural one and therefore, it is only natural that the team reflects that local society.  Therefore, it is made clear to players and staff alike that players are treated without fear or favour and any decision is taken only on their ability to contribute to the team rather than what their background is.

All the players will be wearing the "Kick It Out" badges and the photograph below shows the club's Under-10s support for the campaign. 

The club has a good record of inclusion and there is every intention that this will continue, as they seek to move onwards and upwards with any member of the local community who can join in and assist that happening.

For more information on the campaign, visit the website

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